Depression is a complex condition that affects a large number of adults and young people adults in the UK at some time in their lives. There are many different aspects to depression but the central part of it is a sense of gloom and despondency and an inability to get any pleasure from life.

Symptoms of depression

There are many different ways in which depression is experienced but among the most common symptoms are:

  • A dark mood that seems to affect every experiences of life, like carry a heavy black cloud that dulls and spoils everything you do.
  • Depression and anxiety often go together. This can be quite severe at times and must be strong enough to stop you engaging in normal every day activities.

Both the gloom and the anxiety often change throughout the day. It might be, for example, worse in the morning or the evening.

A feeling of tiredness sometimes amounting to utter exhaustion.

Being short-tempered and sometimes losing your temper in situations that you would normally cope with.

Being tearful and emotional, perhaps unexpectedly bursting into tears.

Your thinking might be affected. This might be in terms of difficulty in concentrating or problems with making decisions.

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