Stress is one of those terms that is used quite a lot, but often not very well understood. For me it refers to that feeling of simply not being able to cope because there is too much to do, too many demands, too much emotional pressure and simply not enough time or energy to manage all these conflicting requirements.

In normal circumstances most of us cope with having a certain amount of stress in our lives. In fact, sometimes we need a bit of stress to get us going. However, there does come a point when stress becomes unhealthy. At that point it stops being useful and starts to become very distressing and difficult to manage.

We each deal with stress in different ways. Sometimes we can talk with friends on other occasions we can actually do something practical to reduce the amount of stress we are feeling. On other occasions it can feel as if there is no way out. It’s at this point that it is useful to come to counselling and discuss how you are affected by stress and how you are dealing with it.

Sometimes simply talking helps. On other occasions it can be useful to put into words the issues that are causing you stress. While there is certainly no quick cure, there are quite a lot of things that can be done to reduce the feeling of stress and to bring down stress levels to something that is more manageable.